Ireland’s Best Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens

Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world. Most people think of it as an Italian dish, but pizza is so popular that it can be found almost everywhere in the world.

But despite its popularity, not everyone can make a good pizza. Many people don’t know how to cook pizza properly, and those who do often can’t take advantage of this talent outside their homes without access to the proper equipment.

But there is an exception: outdoor pizza ovens.

These ovens are specially designed to recreate the cooking conditions inside industrial-grade ovens in large quantities, to allow pizza bakeries to produce more pizzas in a shorter amount of time. But the great thing about these ovens is that they are both large enough to cook pizzas for dozens, if not hundreds of people at once, and small enough so that home chefs can also use them easily.

QUICK GUIDE: How to Make Your 1st Pizza in an Outdoor Pizza Oven

– Pizza Oven – Tools and utensils needed:

pizza peel (or flat-edged shovel), cooking tray, oven mitts, measuring scoop

– Ingredients needed:

dough ball (or premade crust), sauce, cheese (optional), toppings of choice

A pizza is a type of bread baked with two main differences from standard bread. First, the yeast in the dough causes the bread to rise. Secondly, the dough is baked at a much higher temperature than standard bread.

– Step 1: preheat oven

– Step 2: roll out dough

– Step 3: assemble pizza on tray

– Step 4: cook in oven until done (typically 8-10 minutes)

The first step to cooking your pizza is to ensure that your oven can actually cook it. This means that the temperature inside the oven must be at least 450° Fahrenheit (232° Celsius) or higher, and must also be consistently maintained above this temperature throughout the cooking process.

The hotter you can make your oven, the better for this purpose; lighter-colored brick pizza ovens are usually best for this, but you can also use a commercial pizza oven.

If you’ve followed these instructions correctly up to step four, congratulations.

You’ve just made a delicious pizza in an outdoor oven. Now it’s time to eat, and also time for you to impress your friends with your newfound cooking talent. Enjoy!