Top Five Pizzas for Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Our Top Five Pizzas for Your Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens

Here are five of the most popular pizza recipes people make in outdoor pizza ovens.

1. Pepperoni – A standard favorite, pepperoni makes a tasty addition to just about any type of pizza you could want. People typically slice it into rounds or bite-sized pieces before adding them to the pizza.

Pepperoni Pizza Recipe

2. Margherita – This easy to make pizza is made using tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, olive oil, salt and basil leaves.

Margherita Pizza Recipe

3 Linguica Mushroom – A spicy sausage that goes great with mushrooms on a French bread pizza.

Linguica Mushroom Pizza Recipe

4. Meat Lover’s – A meat lover’s pizza includes pepperoni, sausage and bacon – all easy to find ingredients for most people.

Meat Lover’s Pizza Recipe

5. Vegetable-Filled – This pizza has a variety of chopped vegetables on it including green peppers, red onion, garlic and mushrooms. For an even healthier option you can cut back or completely replace the cheese with ricotta cheese or tofu.

Vegetable-Filled Pizza Recipe